Wednesday, August 01, 2012

work-in-progress, part 1 of 4: confessions.

this is a 4-part series of posts that i wrote in the last two weeks, which might explain why i've not been updating very much lately.

// initially written: wed, 18 july 2012 //

so i found a gap in the proof of one of my "theorems" [1] and now i'm scrambling to fix it. one of the main lemmata still holds true and is interesting in its own right, so there's still a short note if this all goes to hell.

what bugs me most is that i gave a preliminary report about this result, about a month ago at a conference. though i didn't realise it at the time, this means that i was lying .. which bothers me to no end.

this is exactly why nobody should ever trust me ..!

[1] if it is not a rigorous proof, then the original statement is not a "theorem" but just a claim .. and possibly a false one. that's the whole point of the axiomatic method!

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