Wednesday, August 22, 2012

research, in medias res: insomnia.

// initially written: yesterday (tuesday, 21 august 2012)

last night i brushed my teeth,
drank a glass of water,
and went to bed ..
.. which, unfortunately, wasn't the end of the story.

hours later, i gave up, got out of bed, flipped on the light, went to the table, and jotted down some notes about the new project .. and in doing so, i ran into an error in yesterday's proof.

argh! i knew it, that something was wrong ..!
don't ask me why, but my body knew and couldn't rest until it was settled.

and so i worked until the coffee ran out, then until the sun rose, and just when i saw some progress .. it was time to go to work.

// added: today
the proof is patched: problem solved.

it turns out that the original argument was essentially correct .. only that i forgot to subdivide a set into subsets, where a previous condition becomes uniform on each subset.

now i feel cheated: i lost sleep over that?

more and more, i feel like my unconscious is constantly at work, running in the background, doing its best to catch up with the conscious, daytime version of me. i wonder if that's why i feel productive in the mornings:

is it really because at that point, my mind is fresh,
yet full of the ideas that my unconscious passed to me in sleep?

i have never woken up with the solution to a problem ..
.. but often enough, i wake up realising what doesn't work;
it's like the maths version of spider-sense or something.

the mind is a strange thing, i tell you .. mine, at any rate. \-:

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