Sunday, March 11, 2012

disparate comments, just after "organising" a conference ..

being a host is not natural to me.
why do i feel like some kind of diplomat, in co-organising this special session?

well .. at least it wasn't a disaster.

i'm reaching a strange age:
  1. soon it might be correct to call me a "professor" .. which is strange: i've spent 10 minutes of many a first day of class, telling my new students that it would be wrong to call me "professor" but that "doctor" or "janus" would suffice:

    you wouldn't call a lieutenant a general, would you?

  2. my friends and colleagues are picking up their first ph.d. students.  i wonder if that makes me some kind of unofficial mathematical "uncle" ..?

    an odd thought: i wonder if they're "scared" of me,
    in the same way that profs used to scare the younger me? (-:
(perhaps more, to come ..)


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janus said...

thanks, L. it's certainly one thing less to worry about. (-: