Thursday, March 15, 2012

among other things, a bad joke.

earlier, a conversation [1]:
Niobe: By the way, Janus, this is Castor.
[Niobe points to Castor, who nods at Janus]
Niobe: Castor's a second-year.
Janus: Hello Castor.  You could say that I'm ..
[Janus thinks]
Janus: .. a ninth-year.
[Janus grins, Castor looks confused, Niobe shakes her head in dismay.]
 aren't we all students, in some sense?

so i'm currently visiting the university of my ph.d. for a few days .. but nothing at all official.  in particular, nobody invited me ..

.. so there is no way,
none at all ..

that i'm being suckered into a talk #6 on week 6!

on a related note, i don't feel tired anymore.

i think that seeing old friends and following familiar routines has rejuvenated me, reminded me of who i once was.  this is not to say that i dislike finland ..

(in fact, it's been very enjoyable and fulfilling)

.. but i feel like a different person, there.  i guess you could say that i'm not completely used to "him" yet, and the "old me" still remains a better fit.

(more to come, perhaps ..)

[1] all names changed, of course.

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