Wednesday, June 30, 2010

thoughts, on being back.

since the end of my travels, this is my first full week of work. days 1 & 2 went well enough: i edited preprints and i read survey articles, if only to think about what problems to attack next.

today -- day 3 -- i woke up and couldn't decide what to do. it's the same sort of indecision as choosing lunch [1].

speaking of which, maybe i should have lunch.
probably i'll have a better idea of what to do, after that.

there's always plenty to do, anyway.

also: it's not easy to focus for a full 8 hours, per day.

maybe i'm still in guest/family mode.
maybe, having a 2-2 teaching load as a postdoc, i'm not used to having 8 hours a day to work on maths.
maybe i'm just making excuses.

on an unrelated note, i learned this, recently:
it's an open question whether ellιptic harna¢k ιnequalities are bi-Lιpschitz invarιant;
interestingly enough, parabοlic harηack inequalities are known to be invarιant under bi-Lips¢hitz change of varιables.

[1] unlike my experiences in finland, the university canteens in the states are used mainly by undergraduates (even though there is no rule prohibiting grads or faculty). subsequently, every day i spend more time -- than i care to admit -- deciding what to have for lunch ..

.. and no, i never plan my groceries well enough to pack a lunch from home.

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