Thursday, June 03, 2010

strange times (or insomnia)

the hours don't make much sense anymore. it's been two days in finland so far, and my sleep schedule still isn't right.

the first morning i actually woke at 8am, but that was just a false positive. yesterday i woke at 5:30, refused to get out of bed, waited in a half-doze until the hotel breakfast opened.

this "morning" at 3:00 i saw the light seep from the curtains .. and i couldn't go back to sleep. at about 4am i gave up, got dressed, and went out for a run.

i nearly dozed off a few times during yesterday's seminar. i blame a lack of sleep and a lack of coffee in the afternoon (somehow it slipped my notice). to be fair, it was a good talk, though not my area of research.

there's not much to say, otherwise. today's my talk: with any luck, i won't doze off this time.

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