Monday, June 21, 2010

sometimes it's best not to elaborate.

as a wise man once said,

A friend said to me, "I think the weather is trippy." I said, "No, man, it's not the weather that's trippy, perhaps it's the way we perceive it." And then I realized I just should have said, "Yeah."

A friend gave me a drug for attention deficit disorder, because he's afflicted, but I'm not. So what happened to me is I suddenly had an extra-long attention span. People would tell me a story, and it would end, and I'd get all mad. "Come on, man, there has to be more to that story."

currently i'm visiting my family. most of the time it goes well enough. spend enough days not doing any math, however, and suddenly you start over-examining many pedestrian things that are best left unexamined. \-:

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