Wednesday, June 09, 2010

misplaced keys.

it's nontrivial to edit LaTeX on a Finnish keyboard.

i'm getting better, but often i have to look for the bracket symbols { }, or even the dollar signs $ [1].

working with others, i forget how many LaTeX idiosyncrasies i have; for instance, i always add spaces between equality or inequality signs.

this quickly becomes a headache when, each time you want a space, it requires a hunt for the slash and semicolon symbols \ and ; ..[2]

maybe there are advantages in this.

  1. it makes me think harder before i LaTeX or edit anything ..
  2. i can type 'jyväskylä' without looking up the ASCII code for ä .. (-:

[1] for the record: (Alt Gr) + (8), (Alt Gr) + (9), and (Alt Gr) + (2), respectively. the "Alt" keys aren't symmetric!

[1] which, of course, are (Alt Gr) + (+) and (Shift) + (,).

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