Sunday, May 30, 2010

#800: the storm before the calm.

last week [1] was not unproductive, but i felt otherwise.

i was traveling the week before;
i'll be traveling for the next month.

at the time i thought it was pointless to formalise a schedule. my agenda was clear, but not much went according to plan. there wouldn't have been enough time for everything.
  1. i revised a preprint which i thought i wouldn't have to revise again;
  2. the last addition to another preprint is less clear than i thought. my coauthor/mentor was out of town, so it will have to wait until i see the other coauthors in finland.
  3. it turns out that i'm giving 2 talks, not 1. also, finnish-styled seminars are 2 hours long, not 1. (the newly added talk is next week; the other one is 3 weeks hence.)
of my original plans, one goal was to read and learn 'section 1's from a few different sub-areas, as to prepare for the forthcoming research meetings in my travels.

so i did read a little, but only a little. i guess i'll have to rely on the kindness of colleagues again, and ask them to explain simple things to me.

anyway, off to the airport!

[1] actually, it was 6 days: close to the same.

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