Monday, May 17, 2010

while traveling; writing.

at some point, i will become responsible. i'll finish writing talks before embarking on the visit to where i'll give the talk.

until then,
  • while traveling yesterday,
    my connection was 3 hours late,

    so i sighed, bought a cup of coffee,
    and wrote a few more slides of my talk.

  • my spring term ended two weeks ago;
    as for my hosts, they have until mid-june.

    while they were teaching or holding office hours,
    i was adding a few more slides to the talk.
life has a way of working out, sometimes.

in other news, this talk is taking forever to write! [1] (-:

it feels like a strange time in my life. i feel like i've been doing a lot of writing, but not much thinking.

[1] it's my first colloquium, you see. call me nervous, but i've never really given a non-specialist talk before.

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