Saturday, May 15, 2010

wanderlust 2010.

i'm traveling again. the summer will be piecemeal:

a few days in cincinnati,
a few days in champaign-urbana,
1 week at home,
1 week in jyväskylä,
2 weeks in helsinki,
1 week, visiting family,
5 weeks at home,
2 weeks in india,

and then the semester begins.

i keep forgetting that the same principle for weekly teaching schedules also applies to scheduling trips: don't underestimate how important large blocks of time are.

i know my trips will be productive [1].

there are more visits than conferences, which is nicer:
there's no fixed pace,
you already know with whom to talk and about what maths,
you have more resources at the ready: possibly an office, a printer, a library ..?

on the other hand, projects take time. papers take weeks, maybe months to write. NSF grant applications take a month, maybe two .. and then there are job applications.


getting older, i worry all the time. at least there's a 5-week block in july ..

[1] .. except visiting my parents, but that's to be expected.

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