Wednesday, May 26, 2010

in media res

the conference ended on sunday at noon.

maybe i was naive .. but before meeting a few remaining colleagues that evening, i thought i could accomplish something in the afternoon.

how wrong i was.

to be fair, this wasn't in the plan. while i was away, i expected to
  • give a few talks,
  • read a little for collaborations, when i had the time,
  • ask people what they've been thinking about, and so doing, learn a little from them.
well, i did learn something, after all.

my joint results can be improved .. which means another (short) round of rewriting and revision.
[see last post for a few details.]

so much for planning ahead.

so i spent that afternoon, trying to remember what i had written before, what needed to be changed for the better .. \-:

as for monday, i wrote it off.

i was able to catch up on some arguments i had read and learned before. for the most part, though, i found it impossible to focus on anything other than my immediate travels,
  • waiting for the train to arrive,
  • looking for the right subway train and station,
  • shuffling through lines at the airport,
  • wondering how late the bus will be, after all ..
.. yes, a long day.

perhaps all of those discrete moments of thought paid off, though. this morning i woke up, suddenly realising what i had to do, why it would work .. for the most part, anyway.

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