Friday, January 30, 2009

on .. er, office naps.

if there was one graduate student office at university of michigan that i envied, it was the corner office facing church st, on the first floor. that office had it all:

* few officemates (4 people in total);
* a window [1];
* a full-sized chalkboard;
* two large bookcases;
* a couch.

there may even have been a mini fridge; i can't remember.

at any rate, today i wished my office had a couch. after my afternoon lecture today, i had no energy left, and i felt asleep while in the middle of an email.

the wise thing would have been to go home and take a proper nap. then again, there was the weekly colloquium and there would be one more meeting.

thinking it through, i looked at my desk ..
which happened to be positioned right next to my officemate's desk ..
who is never in the office ..

and after all, isn't the top a couch really just a deformation of a horizontal plane ..?

so i learned one lesson today: winter coats may make very good pillows, but there is a very good reason why people shouldn't sleep on top of desks.

it's not because of setting down the desk/table or staying on top of it. resting on a flat surface is not too much like sleeping on the ground; eventually one gets used to it.

but like sleeping on the ground, it's getting up that is painful. the back and the knees remember that they should be slightly bent and begin their complaints, in the form of aches.

anyways, i think i might be unwell. maybe it's time for a nap.

[1] to my knowledge, only two grad offices had windows. the other one had 10-12 desks and half a wall of windows .. which faced a brick wall.

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