Monday, January 05, 2009

w0es: first day of the semester, again.

saturday evening, 11:30pm:
i return to pittsburgh, after 24+ hours of travel.

sunday evening:
i realise that i never picked up the textbook for one class that i'm supposed to teach; panic and insomnia ensues.

monday morning, 8am:
one of the admin staff looks at me dubiously, lets me into the storage room. i obtain the aforementioned textbook, thank her profusely, and run away like a guilty person.

hasty reading and summarizing follow,
some simple examples are quickly made up.

monday, 10am:
i hand out syllabi, ask if the students are in the right classroom, and begin lecturing. later in the class, i hear some students chuckle when i discuss a model for population growth for monkeys on an island.

so: another crisis averted .. at least for differential equations; in the afternoon, i have linear algebra, which should work out well enough.

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