Sunday, February 01, 2009

currently ill; no luck, either.

there are a lot of mathematicians on fa¢eb00k. apparently i'm supposed to know a lot of hyperb0lic 9eometers and 9eometric gr0up the0rists. [1]

as it happens, i am ill with a cold, which explains friday's nap. it also explains the constant headache that i had during my friday lecture(s). [2]

my philosophy is: when you're sick, you get to spoil yourself.

so this weekend i've been spoiling myself mathematically. i've set aside recent research ideas in favor of my favorite mathematical problems. i've made no progress of course, and from most points of view i'm only more frustrated than i usually am ..

.. but i wouldn't have done anything different.

it's like going golfing and having a bad day, going on a fishing trip and not catching anything, going running and developing a side-stitch after two blocks, or going to the cinema and watching a dud of a film. in life, we always take our chances, even with fun.

this weekend won't make the best memories of my mathematical life. that's okay. they're still my favorite maths problems.

[1] at least, according to the "people you may know" tool. i'm also likely to know many finns.

[2] admittedly, i had thought my students were to blame .. somehow. that probably says something about my biases, but in my defense, i was running a fever at the time. after all, can you trust the judgment of someone who took a nap on his desktable?!?

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