Tuesday, January 13, 2009

what has and what will be.

last term i was teaching two sections of calcu1us iii. this term it's a linear algebra class and a differential equations class. admittedly, it's not bad.

most students are still taking these courses for requirements. however, maybe their spirits have been bowed or broken by previous maths courses; i don't know. at the very least, teaching has lately been straightforward. nobody asks any questions.

it could also be that i'm becoming a better teacher ..
but come on: how likely is that? (:

as for research, i suspect that this term will be a good deal of writing. (i don't mean a lot of papers, but a lot of time spent writing.) it will also be a good share of traveling, sowing seeds for more writing, i hope.

already i'm planning for syracuse, urbana, and tampa, and maybe ann arbor and/or cincinnati. (it depends if i get invited, of course. q-;)

but before all of that, next weekend last for four days: i can't wait. think of all the things i could write and prove, in that time!

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