Monday, January 19, 2009

disparate bits: another weekend's end.

perhaps the ana1ysis gods accept sacrifices.

yesterday was a completely unproductive headache of (non-)writing -- a "sacrifice" of a workday -- but today went rather well. i finished TeXing up a lemma and made other corrections:

so, 2 pages!

this coffeehouse must be a hangout for CMU mathematicians and their kin. at the table next to me, three guys are discussing fi1ters and p0sets and for¢ing.

best guess: logi¢ians.

the season of job offers and rumors seems to have begun again. so if you found this blog through a web search on "maτh j0b rum0rs" or a similar search ..

.. hello. in light of the state of the american economy, good luck with the job search!

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