Tuesday, September 09, 2008

a non-teaching day (i.e. now i have time to worry about a talk)

you know, at first i thought that this talk would be much the same as one i've given before. then i thought about my audience of yesteryear and my audience to come, and now i've realised something.

our analysis group is a coalition of 7+ profs and spans many different areas, among them

several complex variables,
banach space theory,
harmonic analysis,
analysis on metric spaces,
and analysis of differential equations (both ordinary and partial).

in short, i'm no longer in "the qua$i-w0r1d."

worse yet, now i'm supposed to be an "expert" on quasic0nforma1 mappings. of all people .. me?!?

i suppose it's the usual stereotype: if you're an analyst from the U of M and trained under so-and-so, then "you must be an expert on this-and-that." i know that nobody expects me to be as capable as my advisor, but ..

.. this should be interesting.

oh well: if i am really, truly a mathematical fake, then at least my colleagues should know earlier than later. q;

on the plus side: browsing through this paper again, i've forgotten how cool it is.

i've forgotten how wonderful it is to work in euclidean space and use old, familiar friends like the Riem@nn Mappin9 Theorem or harm0nic mea$ure or linear transf0rmations of space.

reading these proofs, you get the feeling of cleverness, from someone who is classically trained and knows the right tools for the job.

of course, i say this because today is tuesday, and i don't have class to teach. there are still many things to juggle:

there's the usual research and writing, of course.

at some point i should attempt a grant proposal. in the same spirit, our research group has to do its part to secure funding for the department. so i'm to give a brief description of my research.

there are travel plans (read: headaches) to make for an october conference. in my mind i want to have a readable draft of a paper by then, and talk about the results. why do i get the feeling that i won't make it?


well, the work piles up. i'd better get to it.

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