Thursday, September 25, 2008

busy, busy, busy: no time for goals.

a few days ago i learned that TAs here are not expected to help grade midterm exams. so that leaves me with 150+ calculus 3 exams to grade. i'm 1/4 done already, but that's because i graded the vector operations problem first.

the rest will be gory;
i have a bad feeling about this.

today is also part 2 of an expository talk that i promised to give. that won't be so bad, though: i've given it before and it's mostly fun and picture driven, with many happy colors.

i just wish that at some point, i can get back to writing. odds are that once i get to writing, i'll start complaining about how annoying that process is ..

.. but for now, the grass is truly greener in terms of motivation. if i finish grading these exams, then it only means that upon returning them to students, the complaints will start. if i finish a draft, then at least it's next a gamble to see if it can be accepted into print, by some journal.

it would nice to flesh out new research as well. (ye gods, the backlog is growing.)

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