Friday, August 22, 2008

teaching unease.

the last time i taught a class was in fall of 2007, which was a calc ii course.

yes: i guess i'm a little spoiled from my grad school experience. i suppose the gravy train ends this year. from now on i'll be teaching several courses, every semester.

yesterday and today, i've been a little neurotic from my teaching preparations. i don't know why, either. i've taught before and i know my calculus: i do analysis, after all. heck, i even know what students there expect out of a calculus course.

so why does it still bother me?

on a lighter note, one of the TAs (for the attached recitation to my lectures) emailed me about teaching details. the email was addressed to a "Dr. Janus." [1]

i nearly started giggling. oh dear. except for colleagues and friends, i suspect that i'll be Dr. Janus, from now on.

[1] of course it didn't actually say "janus," but my surname instead. some of you know exactly who i am, in physical reality, so bear with me and my mild attempts at internet anomymity.

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