Thursday, August 28, 2008

another idea down, and i'm on the clock.

well, my idea doesn't work .. that is, this one.
more accurately, i can't make it work.

even more accurately, i should say that the idea is also related to one that my mathematical brother m@rsha11 has entertained. more importantly, he thought of it first. in his case, it worked and it proved something nice:

fact. for k > 1, there are no nonzero metri¢ k-¢urrent$ on the hei$en6er9 9r0up (in the sense of am6r0si0 and kir¢hheim).

oh well. no sibling rivalry, really: he's a smart fellow and has earned his results. myself, i throw things together and see what sticks. at least i got a thesis out of it.

for the sake of optimism, if i back up a few steps in reasoning, there might be a way out of this. maybe i can prove something. then again, what i envision requires re-inventing many wheels of fun¢tiona1 ana1y$is, essentially.

i'm loathe to attempt that, now: there are things to write up, classes to teach, talks to prepare for october, and sooner or later the research group here will "invite" me to talk in our ana1y$is $emin@r.

also, there's something in my work contract about collaborating on new research with members of that same group, so better to wrap up these projects and toe the line. it will probably be fun, too.

anyways, it's time to be a diligent mathematician again and to stop blogging for now. there is a lecture to write, for tomorrow, and there is always LaTeX to do.

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