Saturday, August 16, 2008

a day of interim

yesterday i edited and added to the draft of a paper which will (eventually) be complete. as for today, i feel rather useless and lazy. it's my last weekend in ann arbor and my usual work routine is shot to pieces by the subsequent changes and demands of leaving.

for example, i have a few things to pack, a small box of belongings to ship, and an apartment to clean (in order to recover some part of my security deposit).

today is not a day to add to long-term goals; it has too much of a transitional period. i can't seem to concentrate on details or to plan anything else.

so i've resorted to LaTeXing the most recent research ideas i had, some days ago. specifically, i'm trying to see if this proof idea is valid. this sort of writing is easier, as the ideas are still fresh in my mind, but it is still slow-going and my mind drifts away so quickly to other things ..

.. like, for example, blogging. \:

perhaps it's time to do something more useful, like packing or getting some exercise.

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