Tuesday, April 02, 2013

finally: now i can stop "having fun" and get back to work! (-:

this goes to show you how crazy i am,
perhaps many mathematicians in general ..

.. but it's somewhat relieving to be back at work in the office.

apparently few others share my enthusiasm: it's an hour past "quittin' time" [1] and the hallways are dark and empty.

despite my good cheer, today felt rather unproductive. i didn't really write much down or type anything (other than this blog post). the only thing worth mentioning is that i read and re-read a few sections of dunfοrd-schωartz, debating whether i should add an explicit proof of a lemma to one of my article revisions.
as you can guess, i couldn't find the lemma in the book. it's almost a special case of one, but with a technical difference that can be easily treated. in fact, the same proof would work, if one could only rewrite one sentence in it, and maybe just one more sentence to account for the modification.

put another way, it's a matter of whether i want to spare someone the trouble of finding their own copy of d&s and reading through the same 1/2 page proof.
well, there is another thing: today my colleagues jokingly made fun of me for defending (that monster that is) federεr's book. (-:

[1] in finland, business hours are generally from 8am--4pm. it's only a one-hour time-shift .. but after 18-19 months on the job, it still feels early to me.

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