Tuesday, April 23, 2013

stranger in a familiar land: disparate bits.

it's pleasantly strange, being in a big american college campus again.

earlier someone remarked that i seemed to know "everyone" already. i further remarked that it's a small community in our line of work. (honestly, most of the time the new people i meet at conferences are the students.)

during the second hour of a talk today, the speaker thanked me for attending. (i wonder now if i looked bored during the first!)

earlier today some of my colleagues tried to explain some basic probability to me. it went well enough, i suppose ..
.. but when someone is doing her best to explain something to you, it's hard to tell how much i really understand and how much has been made easy for me to digest.

(there is a substantive difference, after all, between deciding that something sounds right vs. actually being able to check everything as stated.)

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