Friday, April 12, 2013

tired and nonyoung; also, the siege.

as i told a colleague yesterday, lately i've felt lazy .. yet at the same time, overworked; it's a rather strange, paradoxical feeling.

if i had planned things better, then i would have arranged a short holiday before heading to a thematic program in lοs angeles .. which is already in full swing [1] ..

.. but it will be good to see old friends and colleagues again, maybe meet some new faces, and hear firsthand the new developments since the start of this program and a previous one at msrι.
come to think of it, the field's getting fairly fashionable as of late. as something of a related-yet-separate flavor, this fall is an upcoming program on οptimal transpοrt, again at msrι.

what is it about the state of california and this metrιc space stuff, anyway?
on a related note, the new postdoc in our group asked me today: how is it, being so young, that you've met so many people?

i nearly laughed: young? (-: [2]

to be fair, i know enough older guys who'd give me a hard time if i dare call myself :old: since, by the law of transitivity, they would also be :old: and i don't think any of us would call them that.

so i guess i will not be :old: .. but it's four years, going on five, since i defended a ph.d. i don't feel :young: anymore .. just tired, that's all.

i could sure use a few days off ..

on an unrelated note: this week i've proceeded with the siege. i'm happy to declare that the fortress has fallen .. but i'm keeping a lookout for insurrections.

[1] i like to think that i'm arriving fashionably late. (-:

[2] i told her that i travelled a lot, when i was "even younger" .. and probably too much for my own good. 7-:

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