Tuesday, March 05, 2013

i have glimpsed the future. (it looks pretty cool.)

// initially posted: 14:46EEST
so today i gave an expository talk [1] ..
.. neither on a chalkboard nor a whiteboard, nor with beamer .. well, maybe 2 slides ..

.. but with a SMΛRT Board!

i must say that the interface is pretty cool. at some point i could copy-&-paste an entire equation (though, at the time, i was trying to take just one side of the equation).

as a downside, though, my handwriting is slightly worse than on white (marker) boards. it resembles that of a 6-year old:

oh well: at least this is a sign that the future i want is slowly coming to pass .. (-:

(on a related note, i didn't import a PDF and try to write on it. i wonder how flexible that interface would be ..)

// added: 15:22EEST
ok, one last comment:

it was really cool that i never really had to "erase" anything other than if i wrote the wrong symbol. there was always the option of appending another "page" to the end of the SMΛRTboard document, and so i had the benefit of scrolling back to something i had written before.

[1] lab scientists would call this a "journal club" talk, i think.

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