Wednesday, March 20, 2013

argh .. hmph!

for a while this afternoon, i kept getting compiler errors with my $\LaTeX$ and i couldn't figure out what was wrong ..

wtf? what's wrong with my \begin{itemise} command?

it took a lot longer to figure out than i care to admit,
and maybe i've been away from the u.s. for too long ..

.. but apparently, it's spelled itemize ..! 7-:.

on a related note, i am aware that brackets of the form \[ and \] can be use in place of dollar signs $\$$, in order to render $\LaTeX$, and it may even be the best practice, these days ..

.. but the truth is that i can't stand them.
there: i said it! for me, it's always dollar signs!

as a result, i always work with with u.s. layout on a finnish keyboard .. which causes no end of typing troubles, as the keys say one thing but pressing them gives another.

the trouble really comes when, at some point, my fingers stop moving on their own and i have to think about which one is which ..

// added: 10:49EST, same day

i'm running out of bracket symbols: argh!
curly brackets are typically used for sets ..
square brackets are already used for equivalence classes,
i'm already using open paren's for pairs of objects,
and double square brackets represent the induced current of the associated object.
now i have to write down the quotient norm of an equivalence class of a pair of finitely-additive measures, which so far looks ugly: $\| [ (\mu,\nu)] \|$.

ugly, ugly notation .. but it's a technical lemma, so maybe the referee will forgive me ..?

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