Saturday, March 02, 2013

haunted, mathematically.

i feel exhausted. aside from attending seminars and a few bureaucratic things, i've been writing and re-writing all week long [1] .. which is no end of frustation.

there's been a research question, however, constantly sitting in the back of my mind. i really want to know the answer ..

.. but again: i feel exhausted and i can't summon the energy to attack it. i haven't the heart right now to try a dozen ideas and have half of them fail easily, and then trod through the remaining ones and see which of them survive their implementation.


i'm still wondering what the answer is, though.

the problem comes so easily to mind. yesterday it was hard to talk to people sometimes, because suddenly i'd think about it and lose track of what friends would be saying. at certain points i just guessed what they were talking about, responded to something related to my guess (in order to suggest my interest), and they would go back to talking.

sometimes maths is like a strange, cerebral purgatory.

[1] i've been taking evenings off but worked through the weekend, last week. every morning i've been waking up tired.

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