Monday, March 25, 2013


well, it took me more than 18 months .. but today i finally got around to getting a university library card. as a result, immediately afterwards i sped to the analysis shelves and made out like a bandit!

if you're curious, here's my loot:

my only regret is that measure theory and fine properties of functions by evans and gariepy wasn't available .. which isn't surprising. for one thing, it's almost impossible to find that book for sale.

(i'm starting to think that to find a reasonably priced copy, i'll have to inherit it from someone's estate!)

on an unrelated note, often i try to cite the most original sources as possible .. which often leads me to wild goose chases. figuring out, for example, who was first to characterise the dual of $L^\infty(X,\mu)$ --- say, for σ-finite measures $\mu$ --- is taking longer than i thought.
so far, i've traced it as far back as a transactions paper of Hildebrandt from 1934 .. in the case of $X$ being an interval on the real line, anyway.

it's never that simple, of course. in the same year there is a competing paper from studia mathematica by Fichtenholz and Kantorovich, who treat the same setting.
at this point, i wouldn't be surprised if the result can be found in lebesgue's thesis .. or, for that matter, on a bit of scroll from the days of archimedes!

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