Monday, April 18, 2011

well, that didn't go well.

there is a difference between:
  • being awake enough to write a lecture,
  • & being awake enough to give a lecture.
i felt half-asleep in my linear algebra course, this morning. i forgot to slow down the computations .. and when i turned around, every so often, to ask if there were questions ..

.. there were students writing furiously.

that's the odd thing:
my numerical computations are faster when i'm not fully awake; there's none of the usual neurosis to slow down the steps for the students ..
sometimes i wonder if my students are aware that ..
  • in a lecture, presenting a computation takes at least twice the time it takes to write it down yourself;
  • the closer one is to the board, the less one is aware of the big picture. it's much like how close one is to a kitty (xkcd).

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