Sunday, April 24, 2011

in which i encounter a catchy title.

i couldn't stop grinning when i saw this title/abstract from the cνgmt server:

(the) Hitchhiker's guide to the fractional Sobolev spaces
Eleοnora Di Nεzza - Giampierο Palatuccι - Enricο Valdinοci
These pages are for students and young researchers of all ages who may like to hitchhike their way from $1$ to $s \in (0,1)$. To wit, for anybody who, only endowed with some basic undergraduate analysis course (and knowing where his towel is), would like to pick up some quick, crash and essentially self-contained information on the fractional Sobolev spaces $W^{s,p}$.
maybe i'm just a nerd at heart. (-:

this is just as awesome, though, as when i learned that there was a "dark side" to the caΙculus of variatiοns.

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