Thursday, April 21, 2011

every semester's end, i get a few more grey hairs ..

the term papers are graded. that's done. i feel ..
.. much like how i felt when i came back from india, last year: tired, feverish, and jet-lagged from the ordeal of being stuck in a moving vehicle that circles the globe at unnatural speeds.

i was firmly without any motivation to accomplish anything .. yet fully aware that i had to return to work, right away: there were projects to write up, and an nsf grant application to prepare.

still .. somehow, i managed, after that.
the pace doesn't let up. tomorrow is a final for one class, so there is grading right away ..


i had these happy dreams of close-to-a-week's time, during finals' week, when i could hack through a complete draft of these recent results i have. (the process is more technical than i though, and there are many choices to make.) [1]

when i was a student, the end of the semester never seemed so bad. my own experiences were calm ones. sure, there was studying to do, but the days were mine to plan as i please ..

.. ah. to be young again. \-:

[1] no: it hasn't escaped me .. and yes: my dreams are about work. to clarify, i mean being able to work on the things that i want! q-:

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