Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the grading after-math (also: briefly, morning compromises)

in regards to my previous post: if the point was to minimise the number of student emails, then the email blitz was far from a success.
of those students i emailed, most of them already knew that their final exam scored faltered. actually, they thought it considerate that i wrote them.

what i didn't count on were students which have GPA troubles, or have to maintain a grade for a scholarship.
so i suspect that i'll never be able to anticipate this sort of thing: some students will always ask ..

.. which means that there will always be a minimum amount of headache for me, at the end of the semester. if it's not their final exam grades, then it will be questions about how many people ahead of them received the same grade or what exactly they got wrong on the final exam ..


in other news, i found a compromise in the morning:
while my family reads the newspaper, i work out a bit of maths.
this doesn't last for long, since nobody here reads the newspaper for hours. it's better than nothing, though.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that questions about how many students ahead of them received the same grade/got a higher grade/etc can not be answered, as it violates privacy regulations. Students can theoretically spend time reverse-engineering scores (really? if they were that good, they would have an A and not be complaining) and determine rough grades. I believe Umich told us such things at orientation. For the scholarship/money people, the phrase "I am sorry, there is nothing I can do at this point." while thinking "where the hell were you all semester during office hours, knowing you needed a good grade, you dumb@$$" works best.