Tuesday, December 28, 2010


sometimes it pays to pack at the last minute:

knowing i wouldn't be able to get any work done this morning, i opted to wake up at 9am, have a leisurely cup of coffee, then pack my bags before leaving at 10:30am.

this morning, however, the alarm on my cell phone rings unexpectedly.
7:51am? did i press '7' instead of '8' ?!?

so i fumble for the phone, flip it open to turn off the alarm, and realise that the alarm isn't on at all.

instead, a mechanical voice tells me that my flight's been canceled ..
.. yeah: don't you love the holidays?

so i'm rebooked now. the plans have changed:
i'm staying an extra 3 days with family.

it could be worse, but i really wanted to leave today: there's much to do, and honestly, i miss work. i can't seem to do any maths, while here.

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