Tuesday, November 02, 2010

thoughts of science fiction.

sometimes i wish i could travel to parallel universes.

that way i could meet an alternate reality version of me,
one who wasn't slated to travel this week,
explain the situation,
have a laugh,
borrow the lecture notes that he wrote for his calcuΙus 3 course,
and then pass them to my substitutes for this wednesday and friday.

unfortunately, that wasn't the case. i wrote 3 lectures, back to back, on sunday night, and monday was a hurried daze.

then again, luck seemed to be on my side after all.

i taught at 1:00pm,
finished lecture by 1:50pm,

hopped on the airport bus by 2:00pm,
made it to the airport by 2:50pm,
through security by 3:00pm,

and reached the gate at 3:10pm,
when they were calling all rows, all passengers.

the flight promptly took off at 3:25pm. (-:

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