Sunday, November 07, 2010

if mathematιcs is a language, then geοmetry is a dialect.

there are lots of reasons why i miss my family, days after seeing them in the summertime or during winter holidays. everyone has those kinds of reasons.

this reason is somewhat particular:
i miss speaking cantonese (chinese). not many speak that dialect, especially in mathematics departments.

there's always a group of chinese nationals who speak mandarin, but that's not me. i never learned it.
but i digress, if only to make an analogy:

my week's visit ended yesterday, and it was good while it lasted. what i'll miss most are the discussions and conversations about metrιc geοmetry.
not many in my department "speak" it;
come to think of it, i'm hardly "fluent" either.
no matter, though. i've enough work as it is, with more analytic topics. there will be more times to chat about geοmetry later .. say, in thanksgiving.

on a related note, i like talking to geοmeters, if only to reckon my own mental paradox of them:
if this is really geοmetry,
then why do they never draw any pictures,
and why is there so much aΙgebra instead?
maybe all the visually-driven geometry has been done, those problems solved, and now remain the really complicated things that are hard to see, without passing to isοmetry grοups and quotients and the like.

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