Tuesday, November 30, 2010

come on .. just use mathjοbs ..

argh. why can't schools just go on mathjοbs? why?!? [1]

the most annoying part is that these nonconformist schools all seem to be using the same template! it's like wearing a flannel shirt to a bar, these days.

(e.g. enter username, password, re-enter password,
choose a secret question, insert answer ..!

at this point i am paying very close attention to asterisks.
if i don't see a *,
then it's not necessary information,

ergo: i'm not filling it in.
on a related note: i apologize to all my letter writers who have to go through the same glut of websites, in order to submit those letters.

[1] to be fair, i suspect we mathematicians have it easy: 90% of jobs can be found on mathjοbs, and the format is pretty uniform. the experience i've heard from the humanities people is quite painful.

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