Saturday, November 20, 2010

.. and away we go ..

the trip hasn't even started yet, and i'm already tired. Maybe that's good, that i'll beat the jet lag more easily.

so i'm on my way to germany: three atlantic crossings in one year. a week is almost too short for this kind of trip. i wonder if i'll get used to the jet lag before the conference ends.

so far, it's not been awful.

i'm on the plane,
they served me a beer,
the seat has an ac adapter,
and google is offering free onboard wifi ..

.. at least until we leave u.s. airspace.

i'm still tired, and it's doubtful i'll get any sleep. 8 hours can be a long time to sit in one place [1], and in-flight entertainment can only be interesting for so long ..

.. maybe i'll write my talk before we land.

[1] strictly speaking, the plane will travel some thousands of miles, so it's not one fixed location on the earth. you know what i mean, though. \-:

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