Sunday, October 10, 2010

rewriting the past.

today i was updating a curricula vitae and decided something:

i talk too much,
often at the same places:

thrice in cincinnati, thrice in syracuse, (soon to be) thrice in urbana.

so to streamline everything,
  1. out of a dozen [1] talks, i've decided to list only one from ann arbor; nobody needs to hear about how many student and study seminar talks i've given.
  2. i'm putting every AMS sectional meeting into a single listing; otherwise this makes up 1/3 of the invited presentations that i've given.
to me, it looks odd to have a 2-page cv [2] and have 2/3's of a page full of talks.

talks are easy to give [3];
i'd take 2/3's of a page full of accepted papers, any day.

also: my memory's slipping. i completely forgot about two conference talks i gave in 2007 and 2008. (it was a strange time in my life.)

[1] i honestly don't remember how many talks i've given, as a graduate student: on average, every semester would be 1 talk in student analysis seminar. once i became the advisor's student, every semester would be another talk in the thursday seminar.

besides, all of these were expository talks.

[2] i feel hesitant to offer a cv longer than 2 pages. mathematically i'm still young and besides, i haven't accomplished enough to warrant a third page.

[3] on the other hand, good talks are hard to give. in my life, i think i've given at most three good talks, while most of them have been mediocre and a few of them just awful.

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