Sunday, October 03, 2010

here and there.

so this past weekend was an ΑMS sectional meeting. of the last 72 hours, i spent at least 12 of them in a car, to and from the conference site.

in contrast, i don't think i slept more than 15 hours in that same period. on top of a different bed than usual -- two days isn't much time to get used to it -- i couldn't help but shake the feeling that my talk would be a disaster.

had i known that my talk would be that bad and error-prone, i'd have let fate run its course and gotten more sleep.
in retrospect, i shouldn't have promised a new talk. i don't know what i was thinking. [1]

plenty of speakers used talks from before .. perhaps with new results added .. but when i think about it, their actions didn't bother me. for some talks i was glad to hear them again, try to get it right in my head.

oh well: so i'm a laughingstock for a while;
after the new year, it will all be somewhat forgotten. \-:

on a related note, it's not easy to lateχ in a car.
the daylight causes terrible glare,
the darkness makes you squint at faint letters on the screen.

the laptop is, for once, on your lap and the angle of sight is new and strange on my neck.

also, it's bumpy.
no matter. i won't be traveling again for ..

another month.

forget cars, this time: i should book that plane ticket soon ..

[1] actually, i do remember: it was meant to get the project on the road to completion. if i talk about those joint results (which i did) then colleagues will ask me when the preprint will be ready (which one did). the ensuing guilt could only urge me to move ahead on it.

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