Sunday, November 01, 2009

when comics turn serious (ΡHD link)

ever since september [1] i've been behind on my web-surfing. i'm lucky to remember to check the arχiv every week, much less catch up on webcomics of an academic bent, like ρhd or χkcd.

so it was only today when i read through j. ¢ham's latest "tales from the road" --

this has happened to friends and colleagues of mine, attending conferences, but not me .. not yet, anyway.

to wit, i was thinking of visiting finland next year (pending funding and willpower, that is). perhaps i should make sure to have an official letter of invitation .. \-:

[1] around the time i started writing my NSF proposal, actually. lately i've suspected that every fall will be a rush of some sort. next year it will be job applications, and the year after that, probably another try at the NSF.

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