Sunday, September 13, 2009

not about maths, but mathematicians discussing maths.

there is a pleasant article/slideshow by seed magazine of 13 well-known mathematicians and their working philosophies on maths.

of these, my favorite excerpts:
"[W]hen you get started, to really become a mathematician, the key step is to realize that at some point you have to stop reading books. You have to think on your own. You have to become your own authority."
(alaιn connεs)

"In applied math, you must always worry whether you are paying attention to the data or whether you are forcing reality into a mathematical straitjacket."
(davιd mumf0rd)

"As mathematicians, we play and dream but we don't cheat. You can't cheat in mathematics. Truth is so important."
(Marie-Francε Vιgneras)

"I came across one of my old papers the other day and I could barely understand it. I thought, 'Wow this guy is good! How could he think of that?'"
(Davιd Harold Bla¢kwell)

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