Saturday, September 19, 2009

as found on the arXiv: Flat forms, bi-Lipschitz parametrizations, and smoothability of manifolds (by Juha Heinonen & Stephen Keith)

i would never have expected any preprint of the advisor on the arXiv. from the way i remember him, it wasn't quite his style.

nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise to see one:

Flat forms, bi-Lipschitz parametrizations, and smoothability of manifolds, by Juha Heinonen & Stephen Keith

Abstract: We give a sufficient condition for a metric (homology) manifold to be locally bi-Lipschitz equivalent to an open subset in Rn. The condition is a Sobolev condition for a measurable coframe of flat 1-forms. In combination with an earlier work of D. Sullivan, our methods also yield an analytic characterization for smoothability of a Lipschitz manifold in terms of a Sobolev regularity for frames in a cotangent structure.

In the proofs, we exploit the duality between flat chains and flat forms, and recently established differential analysis on metric measure spaces. When specialized to Rn, our result gives a kind of asymptotic and Lipschitz version of the measurable Riemann mapping theorem as suggested by Sullivan.

so: thank you, stephen.
it's nice to see the advisor live on, in some way.

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