Friday, July 31, 2009

well, that was fast.

tomorrow it will be august:
one month left until classes start again.

i know i've taken plenty of time off, traveled a lot, but none of it "stuck."

somehow i thought that having time away from teaching was some sort of treatment for mathematically mental health.

i don't feel as tired as i did, at the end of last term,
but i don't feel well-rested, either.

(maybe nobody ever gets to be well-rested.
life is probably too short for that.

again, one month left. i wonder what i can accomplish, in that time. it won't be completely unfettered time, though:

nsf grant applications are due in october.

if i remember rightly, everyone's warned me to start early, around now. heck, i should have applied last year, but at the time i thought i wouldn't have enough for a strong application. [1]

had i known how little i'd accomplish in 12 months, i'd have been less bothered about my chances and just wrote something.

[1] also, i didn't schedule any time for it. in september i was too busy getting used to teaching two courses. in august i was displaced for 2-3 weeks: the things we do for love. \-:

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