Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the pleasant monotony of work.

lately there hasn't been much to say.

the days are monotonous but good: better, say, than during teaching days in the fall and spring. there's work to do, and each day i accomplish a little something -- even if it means that i understand better a theorem, so that the next day i can use it to work out a proof.

i'm not complaining.

some weeks ago, while traveling, i lamented my transient state, preferring to return home and work. i remember saying that i'd risk boredom here than travel elsewhere, that i was tired of new things. it's possible that i didn't say or write those things ..

.. but i'm still not complaining.
i like it here.

despite being associated with the ana1ysis on metri¢ spa¢es, most days of the week i still don't feel like i know much about them. every other day i find a gap in my meτric-spacε knowledge.

today it occurred to me that i've never read $obolev met Poin¢aré by haj1asz and koske1a -- heretical, i know.

i've checked it out from the library just now. it's about time i try to be a better metri¢ ana1yst.

on an unrelated note, i think i'll give up geomeτric measurε theory (and related topics) for a while. i haven't done anything in that area for over a year, and i don't think i'll be able to prove what i want to prove in the near future .. or ever.

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