Saturday, August 01, 2009

admittedly, i had planned to read this one book in order to find some new research ideas and problems, maybe learn a few general principles in the area. i didn't expect to encounter anything this explicit, though:

"In any case, if the reader is looking for a transρort argument related to some geomεtric inequa1ity in Rn, I personally advise him or her to try the Knothε coup1ing first, and if this turns out to be insufficient because of some geometri¢ reason, to go on with the optima1 transρort."

from 0ptimal Transρort: Old and New, by C.Vi11ani.

in some semblance of celebrating the weekend, i decided to set aside my active research projects and read about oρtimal transρort again.

when i was a student, it seemed like i had all the time in the world to explore new ideas, to learn for the sake of learning. i could spend days browsing through a paper that sounded interesting but whose techniques i would never use again.

these days, the world expects me to actually know what i am doing and to accomplish something regularly. now i tend to watch the clock and calendar much more closely. now i try to be careful what i read.

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