Monday, July 13, 2009

the stretch of summer days.

today i tried to do three different things related to my research.

i quickly gave up on one of them. of the remaining two, my attempts were half-hearted and i achieved very little.

maybe i should attempt only one research goal, per day. at first this seems unproductive, because these goals are usually smallish:

e.g. browse through this paper,
work out this lemma in full detail

it seems to me that it would take a very long time to accomplish something this way, and i am not wrong in that.

on the other hand, even from my limited experience in this field, it seems like the only way that i ever accomplish anything.

besides, a "smallish" goal always takes longer than i think.

i've been encountering the problem of time: it's hard to think for hours and hours, filling up the day with maths.

the work is not the problem. i like my research. in fact- if this were during the semester, i'd be complaining about teaching and wishing i had more time to devote to this thinking.

so i guess the old saying is true:
"the vodka is good, but the meat is rotten."

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