Monday, February 17, 2014

Seasonal Affective .. Re-order.

odd. every february i get new ideas to struggle with.. or what i like to think as creating form out of chaos.

i wonder if it's a seasonal matter, if the isolation of winter stirs deeper thinking and contemplation.

when i think about it, time seemingly and magically slows down when snow is falling: i perceive it so, at least.

rain doesn't fall the same way, nor do baseballs and rocks. i'm too slow to realise that the structure of snowflakes allows an exception; falling leaves, too.

the alternative would be that the laws of gravity have been suddenly shut off or gone on holiday, allowing solidwater to float briefly on air.

it makes me believe that improbable things can happen, urges me to try and create impossible things, if only to prove a point (via contradiction).

landscapes trans-form into their mollified versions, where sharp corners of peaks and cusps are gone. in contrast, jagged edges appear from broken sheets of ice, and once clean lines along rooves are interrupted by icicles.

what was rough is smooth; what was void is now full of matter, with sharp corners. this is a different world, an inverted world.

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