Thursday, February 20, 2014

grade school, of a kind.

often when meeting new people, i just tell them that i teach maths.
it's a more expedient answer during those times when you don't feel like explaining your research to someone who doesn't seem particularly adept at basic algebra, simply wants to be friendly, subsequently asks about your work, and only expected a simple answer (but as to why they expected such a thing is beyond me). [1]
that kind of answer gets misconstrued, if you're not specific. occasionally i'm asked if i teach junior or (senior) high school.

so the next time someone asks me what grade i teach, i think i'll say:
"oh, 13th through 16th, and the occasional 17th grader." (-:

[1] just now i re-read that sentence and realised how long it is. did anyone get it on the first attempt? (likely the grammar is incorrect; if anything, the style is poor.)

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