Tuesday, February 25, 2014

in which it is not easy to be an adult.

this morning, after finalising my calculus lecture for the day, i stopped by a local cafe and started working on a proof of a statement that i had jotted down as a claim, months ago.

it was frustratingly fun. i almost had the proof .. when i realised that, soon enough, i would have to reach campus and give my lectures.

then i started speculating:
what if i .. just didn't show up?
what's the worst that could happen?
.. but then i sighed and realised that, deep down inside, i respect responsible people that can be counted to show up when they need to show up, and that i want to think of myself as such a person. that said, there is only one way to get what you want ..

.. and that is to put in the effort, to work hard, in order to attain that goal.
i've told my students that before, and that achieving their goals is conceptually simple but emotionally nontrivial. those things said, that means that i have to do the same ..

life would be so much easier if one could pick and choose one's convictions, at moment and whim. it is far harder to be consistent.
it isn't easy. it takes a commitment and somehow we educators do it .. but like anything worthwhile, it shouldn't be easy .. and for me, it isn't.

on a mostly unrelated note, i really enjoy visits to that cafe. the coffee is incredible.

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